Legal Contracts

Drafting of Legal Contracts and Documentation

Our team offers excellent Legal Contracts Services.

So what do you need to know about Legal contacts and the importance of having a legal expert in your corner?

Legal Contracts - Understand before you sign

Writing of Valid Legal Contracts

Drafting legal agreements is a very important process of creating contracts for use in any business dealings or even personal matters.


It is also important that you are covered with any of these dealings in business and personal we also advise that before you sign a legal contract make sure you understand what you are signing.

We often do not read the fine print we are driven to ensure only the best for our clients and therefore not only do we assist in the writing, and drafting of all legal contracts and documentation but we will also give you peace of mind by giving you a clear overview and understanding of the legal contract or documentation before binding you to something which could lead to unpleasant business dealings, transaction or long drawn out private matters in court.

Verbal agreements are only as effective as the parties using them therefore it’s you must put your contracts in writing. You’ll be glad you did if business disputes arise, and the relevant contract comes into question. We must bring the change and we will ensure that any changes in your business are covered, and you are protected.
A Legal Agreement is the process of creating contracts for use in business dealings.

This is an important skill to have because almost any business activity of significance will require a legal contract. Well-written agreements will protect your company’s rights and offer contingencies when things don’t go as expected.

We enforce the basic elements of mutual assent, offer, and acceptance, consideration, and compliance with the Law and Public Policy. Whether you need a contract prepared or reviewed you can rely on our excellent contract services. To write a document, such as a deed, complaint, or petition, including the essential information necessary to make it legally effective upon its execution by the designated parties.

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The 4 steps

Important points to remember when writing a valid legal contract:

Step 1 : Offer
Writing a Legal Contract - Offer

What is the Offer?

An offer is an acknowledgment that one party makes to the other. It signifies their ability and desire to carry out the contractual obligation.

Step 2: Acceptance
Writing a Legal Contract - Acceptance

What is the Acceptance?

This is the other party’s acknowledgment that they accept the offer’s terms and conditions. Also gives the other party entering a legal contract to reject or request changes to be made to the Legal contract before entering into such an agreement.

Step 3: Intent
Writing a Legal Contract - Intent

What is the Intent?

Thus, Intention is a very fundamental element that both parties must intend to create a legal relationship and that they agree to carry out their legal obligations to the contract into which they are intending to enter.

Step 4: Consideration
Writing a Legal Contract - Consideration

What is the Consideration?

The exchange of consideration is the final component of a valid legal contract requirement. Consideration is the exchange of something valuable with another entity to carry out the terms of the contract between the two parties. It is again a fundamental part of a valid legal contract that should not be left out.

We are experts in our field and therefore we also often 100% make sure that we are on top of our research.

More types of legal contracts and documentation that we cover:

  • Asset Purchase Agreement
  • Consulting Agreement
  • Employment Contract
  • Nondisclosure Agreement
  • Privacy Policy
  • Sales Contract
  • Service Contract
  • Terms Of Service

Legal Contracts Services

Our team offers excellent Legal Contracts Services.

So what do you need to know about Legal contacts and the importance of having a legal expert in your corner?

There are a lot of useful sites that provide you with enough information.
So before jumping into any legal contract agreement do some research.

We won’t mind if you find something that you don’t feel you quite agree with. We align ourselves with excellence and we bring the change. So of course, we will review and rewrite your legal contracts to ensure your satisfaction and ensure we give you only the best solutions when it comes to all your legal documentation, legal agreements, legal contracts, and all your legal services.

The types of legal documents and contracts we can help you with are:

Private equity deals, listed deals, short-term insurance, corporate law, trust law, environmental law, administrative law, constitutional law, intellectual property, pensions law, information technology, business rescue, franchise agreements, services agreements, shareholder agreements, subscription agreements, sale of business agreements, sale of asset agreements, deal-structuring from a legal risks’ perspective, business integrity issues, engineering design agreements, enterprise development deals, international consignment stock and distribution agreements, international sale agreements, international software license and software maintenance agreements, non-profit law and non-profit legal structures, public benefits organisations and issues of donor deductibility and income tax exemption, director roles and responsibilities, certain aspects of competition law, project finance agreements, security agreements, corporate finance agreements, syndicated loan agreements and so forth.

We cover legal contracts used by all sectors:

Mining, gas, investment banking (corporate finance, structured finance, derivatives, securitisations and structured financial products; development finance, corporate financial services, steel manufacturing, information technology, logistics, short-term insurance, the pension funds industry, engineering, etc.

The 9 points

Here are another 9 points for what should be in a legal contract.

Here are the nine steps you should follow when drafting a business contract:

Step 1. Determination

Determine the contract you need since the wrong agreement will not address your transactions’ unique needs.

Step 2. List all the Details

List party names, addresses, company names, and dates at the top.

Step 3. Terms and Conditions

Create a statement that acknowledges both parties consent to the terms and conditions contained within the contract.

Step 4. Description of offer

Make a list that describes what you give to the other party, such as services, products, and other promises.

Step 5. Acceptance of terms

Draft a paragraph about how the other party plans to pay you for your services or products and the terms by which you will accept it.

Step 6. Protection

Insert standard provisions that protect your rights, such as nondisclosure agreements, choice of law clauses, and more.

Step 7. Disputes

Write a brief statement about how both parties should handle a dispute, such as through traditional civil procedure or alternative dispute resolution.

Step 8. Signature

Add signature and date lines for both parties to sign.

Step 9. Printing

Print or email your business contract for signing.